When we cross the River Jordan to that far off Golden Shore, there we’ll find a resting place for Kappas, a place we all can adore.  Yes, a place we all can adore – on that far off Golden Shore.  There to be with Elder Watson – forever and ever more.

Those words are the final stanza of the song “In the Year of 1911.”  That far off Golden Shore” is the place that we refer to as the place that we go to when we’ve taken our last breath here on earth.  Unlike some fraternities, members of Kappa Alpha Psi are members for life. And when a member dies, the fraternity refers to them as having passed to “the chapter invisible.” In a sense, it means that that person is still alive even though he cannot be seen. He still exists; he is simply invisible and somewhere else.

Below are the names of the members of the Trenton Alumni Chapter that have transitioned into “Chapter Invisible” –

(asterisk* denotes Trenton Alumni Chapter Charter Member)

Alphin, S. Roy Anderson, Calvin Blackburn, Sr. Ronald
Butler, Sr. Lanny Carmichael, Herbert Copeland, Jr. Dr. Crosby
Dufresne, Kesner Eure, Gerry * Floyd, Sr. James
Fraser, MD Leon Galiber, Jr. Rudolph Graham, Robert
Grice, Tommy Hall, George Hamilton, Walter
Houston, Dr. Lawrence Howard, William Kidd, James
Koonce, Johnny Lett, Douglass Lythcott, Eric
* Murray, Frank * Nevius, Richard Parker, Sr. Eugene
Pickens, George * Arthur Shack Soloman, Jr. Willie
Washington, Darrell Watkins, Harry * Waxwood, Jr. Howard
Williams, Nathan Wilson, George Woodson, Jr. Rev. S. Howard