Four kids sitting down playing with remote control cars

Remote control cars have delighted and entertained children for many years.  Most of us have played with remote control cars at some point in our lives – but have you ever thought about building one yourself, or with a team?


Well, let us introduce you to “KappaBotics,” a Trenton Alumni Chapter Guide Right Program Initiative for young men ages 7 to 17.  Kappa Botics is an innovative program – in its fourth year – in partnership, this year, with a grant from “Trenton Housing Authority” and a grant from “The Trenton Kappa Foundation”

Accordingly, KappaBotics culminates with a remote-control racing competition.  Participants get to show their creation’s agility, speed, and handling.  Some participants leave with trophies, all leave with remote control cars – and everyone involved has an amazing time.


During the KappaBotics program, participants develop problem-solving, analytical thinking, team building, and conflict resolution skills.  They also build their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Through mentor meetings, participants will be introduced to a host of careers and opportunities in various fields and will meet with and get to know a number of successful role models.

Kids with RC cars

In addition to weekly meetings with mentors, to learn and discuss various science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related topics, participants in KappaBotics are tasked with building their very own remote control racing vehicles – with the use of a kit.  

These young remote-control car enthusiasts will spend hours building vehicles that they can be proud of.  However, after all the hard work and effort, it’s no fun to just keep the remote-control vehicle under wraps.  We all want to see how fast these things can move!